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Hizaa! Im 14 years old girl from Finland. Finland is a small country in northern Europe. Im intrested in playing piano, reading, drawing, team gymnastic (just with friends), jogging, innebandy and all kind of sports. And Im the club instructor. In a school Im in the 8th grade. I love sleeping and shopping.
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lauantai 27. syyskuuta 2014

Candies, frisbeegolf, ice hockey and autumn colours

The weather was good. I was doing frisbeegolf for few hours with my little sister. We both were awful I think. Not more of it lol. Today I was very lazy. I lay on a my sofa, ate candies and I read Anne Frank's diary. U all know her of course.
Its an intresting book.
Right now Im watching an ice hockey match with my little brother.
I fought with one of my friends last evening. Im so sad of it. He is a guy.. And my good friend but he get always so jelaous of other boys even we are not more as friends. Im a weird person. If I get angry or sad I would draw, run or play the piano. Yesterday I did it too. I went walking to a nearly forest. I am often there and I like many places there :)
Then I was there for long time and I drew all of things what I saw there in the forest. I clicked a few pics also. Its autumn now, so everywhere is all kind of autumn colours. Its so beautiful here now, allthough it rain a lot cuz its an autumn time.
- Mavaan

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